Introduction to CHART

Welcome to the CHART project! CHART stands for Completely Hackable Amateur Radio Telescope. Our goal with this project is to create an easy to navigate system of tutorials that will lead to you in building your own radio telescope from the comfort of your home or classroom. It is very important to us that that radio astronomy is as accessible as possible to whoever is interested, so we strove to keep the creation of this project as cheap as possible. We are excited that you have found our project and wish you the best of luck in the creation of your radio telescope. The following video gives you a brief overview of the creation of the project.

Get Started

Build Your Own Radio Telescope

Let's get started! We have desiged a series of tutorials that will guide you step-by-step in creating your own radio telescope. When it comes to navigating this project, we recommend that users start in the Telescope Design section, so that you will have a telescope to take data with, then move onto the software section of the course to record the data you will be taking.
Click this link to be redirected to the Telescope Design page.

We also have a GitHub page that provides all of our code from this project. Click the link below to visit.
GitHub Repo